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National Emergency Services, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Georgia in January 1977, and has been in continuous operation since that time.


Late in the year of 1973, a local funeral home ambulance service decided to discontinue emergency ambulance service, as a private ambulance firm would organize and assume the responsibility for provided such services.


From 1973 through 1976 five different ambulance companies tried to provide the needed services but failed to do so.  In late 1976, a group of local businessment requested my husband and myself to start an ambulance company. After two months of preparation, we decided to invest our life savings and open the doors with high hopes of providing professional emergency medical services.


Today, National EMS provides state-wide and local services in the fields of Emergency Medical Care, Non-emergency Services, Dispatch Services, Neonatal Care, Critical Care, EMS Training, Convention and Event Services, as well as any related transportation need which may be required to adequately provide such care and services. This includes air transport and out of state transports when deemed necessary.


As the demand for services has increased, both the employees of National EMS and the public have benefited, employee earnings have been upgraded keeping with the national trends in the ambulance industry. The fringe benefit package includes Life and Group Health & Hospitalization coverage as well as other benefits apid for by the compancy. The public is receiving a high quality of Emergency Medical Services and its related transportation services.


National EMS remains a model of co-operation between private enterprise and government in the area of public welfare and safety.


Mary Ellen Atkins & Pat Atkins